When providing training solutions, we will partner your organization throughout the process – from scoping desired outcomes to post-workshops follow-through. Our program cores come from experts in the field and are delivered by professionals in those areas of specialization. Varied methodologies will be employed to suit outcomes and learning styles.
Our programs are organized into 3 clusters:

Managing SelfManaging OthersManaging Organizations


  • Effective Communications
  • Great Presentations!
  • How to Give and Receive Feedback
  • Influencing Skills

My Role as a Leader

  • Change Leadership
  • Effective Supervisory Skills
  • Delegate!

Strategic Planning

  • Developing Strategic Plans
  • Driving Vision and Values

Customer Service

  • Successful Customer Service
  • Handling the Dissatisfied Customer
  • Telephone Techniques

Managing My Staff’s Performance

  • Goals : Setting Performance Expectations
  • Feedback : Effective Appraisals
  • Handling Performance Problems
  • Coaching to Make a Difference

Self Mastery

  • Adapting to Change
  • Time Tactics
  • Creative Minds
  • Solutions and Decisions
  • Business Etiquette
  • Asserting Yourself

Managing My Staff’s Development

  • Feedback:
    Development Reviews
  • Career Coaching
  • Mentoring

Managing My Team

  • Team Building
  • Managing Meetings
  • Conflict Management
  • Building Relationships

HR Skills for Non-HR Leaders

  • Facilitations Skills
  • Successful Interviewing
  • People Management