Performance DNA

Performance DNA is a methodology that equips HR and HRD practitioners with state-of-the-art analysis tools to examine issues that impact workplace performance. It is the first step in identifying opportunities for business improvement, focusing on the business goals of the organization and working towards discovering, developing and implementing interventions that enhance both organizational and individual performance.

This comprehensive yet flexible toolkit gives you a performer-centric and outcome-based system to transfer best performances throughout the organization. It is scalable, teachable and reproducible, allowing your organization to benefit exponentially from using the tools.

What is Performance DNA? Together with the American Society for Training & Development, US-based Platinum Performance Group has developed this methodology to blend deep experience and insights with sophisticated analytical methods and diagnostic tools that quickly identify influencers to performance.
Performance DNA works to address these areas:

Grow Consulting partners the Platinum Performance Group, developers and publishers of the Performance DNA tools which are used by hundreds of Performance Consultants / Analysts worldwide in companies including Pfizer, Microsoft, 3Com, the US Navy and Federal Express. We represent the Platinum Performance Group exclusively in the Asia Pacific Region, covering countries such as Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam.

Why use Performance DNA ?

  • Find What is Right to Fix What is Wrong
    With a traditional approach, organisations would immediately attempt to diagnose what is “wrong” to find a solution to fix it. This usually leads to stop-gap measures to minimise a problem, usually not addressing the very root of it. Performance DNA is focused on what is ‘right’ or ‘exemplary’ in key performers, and then translating this exemplary performance to the rest of the firm.
  • Process Amnesia
    Work sometimes becomes so intuitive that we forget the exact steps to get something done. Performance DNA allows you to find out what really makes key performers exemplary by systematically breaking down each work process and comparing them to the standard performer.
  • Comprehensive toolkit
    Performance DNA defines the “Performance Chain” to address and align each level of performance – job, process, component and organization. The comprehensive toolkit will give you confidence to move avidly through the analysis process by validating them systematically against your best performers. This will then help you select and implement the best interventions.

How does Performance DNA work?Performance DNA is based on a concept that performance factors unfold in a predictable order: from the influences through to the goals. The HPI journey takes the analyst from articulating the business goal of an organisation through the entire human performance analysis process, finally leading to the identification of key influences that affect the overall human performance in the workplace.

Performance DNA is different in that it approaches performance ‘organically’ – as a system made up of interdependent parts (outcomes, task and processes) that are affected by influencing factors. Viewed this way, Performance DNA defines the individual ‘parts’ first in order to uncover what influences them.
This process has the effect of mapping performance – creating the optimum code for producing desired business outcomes and enabling it to be reproduced across the organisation.

Determine InfluencesAnalyze Tasks
& Processes
Determine InfluencesDetermine Influences

Influence Analysis

  • Cause Hypothesis Creation
  • Structural Assessment
  • L&D Assessment
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Assessment Managerial & Struc- tural Assessment
  • Personal Motivation Assessment
  • Technology Mapping
  • Influence Mapping Guide

Key Performer

  • Key Process Analysis
  • Task Definition
  • Structured
  • Information Mapping
  • Decision Process Tracing

Performance Analysis

  • Outcome Definition
  • Performer Selection
  • Organization Outcome Mapping
  • Performer Interviews
  • Manager Interviews
  • Performance Gap Assessment

Business Analysis

  • Project Start-up
  • Project Commitment
  • Impact Assessment
  • Information Source Analysis
  • Organization

The Performance DNA hierarchy contains four analysis phases: Business, Performance, Key Performer and Influence. These four phases are rooted in ASTD’s Human Performance Improvement (HPI) model. Each phase has an associated toolbox which has a collection of guides, templates, tables and checklists designed to assist in assimilating various pieces of the performance puzzle throughout the analysis.

Previously, the results of training can be anything from no improvements to short term improvements, tremendous improvements, or even performance degradation. However once there is a clear understanding of what outcomes create value and which behaviours produce those outcomes, interventions critical to drive sustained improvements can be implemented.

Interventions to improve job performance on the job include:

Physical Resources

Examples: Tools, materials, technology, equipment, improved lighting, adequate project budgets, supplies, etc.


Examples: Logical reporting relationships, management support, quality inputs, logical steps to follow, realistic policies, a meaningful mission statement, etc.


Examples: Feedback on your performance, clear standards, customer feedback, reliable data, reference materials, etc.


Examples: Training, job aids, coaching, mentoring, OJT, continuing education, etc.


Examples: Profit sharing, recognition, performance- based pay, bonuses, benefits, job security, prestige of position, opportunities for advancement, etc.


Examples: Better health care system, marriage counseling, more physical exercise, more relaxation time, stress management, better dietary habits, etc.

Performance Model from Thomas Gilbert’s Human Competence – ‘Engineering Worthy Performance’

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