Recognized as an objective method of appraising candidates, assessment exercises used as part of a selection process have the advantage of providing consistent selection decisions. Tests results have been proven to have high validity and reliability values in predicting job-fit. Organizations would be able to minimize selection errors by choosing only candidates who have the aptitude and skills required for successful performance on the job.

Organizations embarking on the use of assessment exercises have the flexibility of having the tools custom-designed for their needs or using an off-the-shelf option. Citadel Consulting partners organizations to select the right tools to closely match the target job, address the selected competencies, meet the appropriate job level (from non-management to senior management) and industry (such as Pharmaceutical, Finance, Retail, Government & Healthcare). The possible tools range from ability tests to simulations such as presentations, in-trays, group discussions and role plays.

Following the design and selection of the assessment tools, Grow Consulting will partner organizations to conduct the assessments and report on the candidates. Grow Consulting’s administrators and assessors have extensive experiences, covering assessments for individuals as well as groups.

Organizations may also opt to use such tools as part of the development process for existing employees. The competency based exercises will provide a detailed development needs assessment of individuals.

Discover more about how you can select and develop your people by contacting us at 9060 9262.Depending on your organizational needs, we could either develop the entire framework or review your existing processes. Our work could include developing the policies, designing accompanying forms and providing training to your employees on the use of the processes.