About Us

Grow Consulting is a human resource consultancy that provides solutions to organizations seeking to improve business results through the improved performance of their people.

We recognize that managing people is a key challenge for many business leaders. We also believe that improving organizational performance through its people is never the result of a single intervention. Instead, it is a blend of various ideas and solutions that include training & coaching for skill development, teambuilding activities & events for motivation & new energy, and improvements to systems & processes.

Our aim is to partner organizations by providing such solutions. These are listed in our 4 Practice Areas of Performance DNA, Discovery & Learning, Systems & Tools and HR Administration.

Our goal is to be a consulting partner of choice, not only through the provision of a comprehensive range of products and services, but also in how we deliver the solutions. In all that we do, we are guided by the values of Partnership, Commitment and Integrity.

Partnership – we believe that the best solutions are outcomes of close collaboration between ourselves and those that we work with.

Commitment – as advocates for our clients and their causes, we will put in our all to ensure that what is best for them is achieved.

Integrity – we are professional in our conduct, and are proud to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.